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How to Have Courageous Conversations - Part 1

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

You need more than ‘guts’ to tackle difficult conversations at work, you need tools. Tool #1 is understanding the personality you're dealing with.

Two great tools for formal coaching conversations

by Philippa Thomas Team performance

Coaching conversations work better when they’re based around a proven structure. We look at a couple of tools which make them far more effective.

The risks of managing a remote team

by Philippa Thomas Team performance

Web 2.0 delivered much – but it didn’t automatically come with People 2.0. As Paul Trevithick said, “We often get the technology right but the sociology wrong”. Great managers understand how technology helps and hinders their remote-team relationships – and act accordingly

Building the trust bank

by Philippa Thomas Team performance

Working with others – and getting the best from them – requires trust, which takes time to build. Understanding and modifying your behaviours can enable you to build greater trust more quickly with your team.

Beating the time bandits: making time to manage

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

If there’s one thing that’s harder to manage than people, it’s time. Finding a process to capitalise on every moment, while working out what to do first, takes discipline – and focus, to eliminate the time bandits.

Attaining a management perspective

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

To move from team member to team leader isn’t easy – in fact, it requires a person to see things from a whole new perspective.

Establish-options-actions: a great tool for informal coaching

by Philippa Thomas Leadership Team performance

Coaching works better when you move beyond showing people ‘how to do things’ towards helping them work out for themselves how best to do them.