Skills Shift. Because inside every manager, an even better one is waiting to be developed.

We develop great managers. Managers who contribute more, drive the business forwards with greater purpose, get significantly more from their teams, and respond far better to change – no matter how many times change comes.

Our approach

Our approach to trainnig

Our training is always unique, because organisations (and people) are always unique.

There’s a lot of management training around, but most of it doesn’t stick. Why? Because ‘standard’ production-line courses are aimed at generic, theoretical issues – people have to learn too much stuff, most of it irrelevant. Our approach is always bespoke. We explore the organisation’s real issues and goals – and build our training around those.

How we work

Our training

Our unique 1,2,3 approach is designed to drive real, sustainable benefits from managers to the business – while building a culture and workforce that are both more resilient and adaptive to change.

Developing you

Based on where the organisation needs to go strategically, we develop the skills of its managers, based on each person’s unique strengths and abilities.

Developing others

We help managers to unlock the potential of their teams – enabling managers to set goals and accelerate the progress of others.

Developing the business

We provide managers with the skills to more easily steer the business – and its people – through change, towards greater growth.

Skills Shift’s training is designed, developed and delivered by learning consultants who have each held senior positions in the real world. They are all professional business coaches, passionate about both building the skills of others and passing on their experience.

Our training

Our Insights

Skills-development and business-strategy articles and resources, from the minds behind Skills Shift.

Leading When You're Not the Boss

Any group of people who wants to achieve anything has need of a leader. And anyone can be that leader, even when they’re not the boss!