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Managers of homeworkers face a tougher challenge than homeworkers

by Philippa Thomas Developing Others Management Development

It’s not easy for people to adapt to homeworking, but there’s quite a lot of help available. For those new to managing a homeworking team, the challenges are greater – but, with training, can be easily resolved.

Managing in a matrix organisation

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself Management Development

To be successful, matrix organisations require managers to develop a specialist set of personal qualities and skills to navigate a complex, constantly evolving environment.

Stop Firefighting, Start Thinking

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

Today's working environment is 100% VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We need critical thinking skills more than ever.

Leading When You're Not the Boss

by Philippa Thomas Leadership

Any group of people who wants to achieve anything has need of a leader. And anyone can be that leader, even when they’re not the boss!

Helping Managers Develop Themselves

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

How to help managers develop themselves, rather than just rely on formal training

Do One Thing Today: Build Your Network

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

Intelligent professional networking can be of so much benefit, to the quality of our work, our career and reputations as managers

Do One Thing Today: Manage a Monkey

by Philippa Thomas Developing yourself

Monkeys are: issues, problems, tasks, queries, decisions to be made or advice needed. When you encourage employees to handle their own monkeys, they acquire new skills, initiative and ownership and you liberate time to do your own job.

Do One Thing Today: Coach Someone

by Philippa Thomas Developing Others

Coaching by managers is probably the most effective way to build employees’ engagement and skills.