How we work

How we work

Substantial, lasting, return on investment from management training only comes when managers are trained within the context of what the business is trying to achieve.

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Learning is like any journey: without a destination, you might seem to make progress, but you’re simply just wandering around.

We work with you

We’re your guide for the journey. You tell us where you want to go, talk to us about the skills you already have – and then we’ll plan the rest. We begin with initial meeting and consulting sessions, to explore your needs in depth. 

We target learning at change and growth

Change is a fact of life, yet many companies are unprepared for it when it comes. Nowhere is this lack of preparation so keenly evident than within management teams – great people who helped get the business where it is now, but whose skills can become irrelevant when the world changes. Helping managers to cope with change, not just the change that’s happening now, but also future changes, is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re called Skills Shift – we give people the skills they need, when shift happens. 

We create learning programmes for you

We design our learning programmes around those needs; pulling on our extensive library of proven learning modules, we create a management-training programme that’s a perfect fit for you, tailoring programmes to meet your managers’ specific challenges. No unnecessary learning; no wasted time – just focused, relevant training, delivered in the classroom and online.

More than just a quick in/out

We’re not in the business of selling training courses as if they were apples. We work with clients closely from the outset, to understand their needs – and then we’re with them for the journey. We’re there to help managers with additional skills, or to address specific needs. We’re there to provide ongoing coaching support – for example, via ‘surgery days’ – which can be delivered on-site or remotely. 

Delivered by people who know

All of our learning consultants have held senior positions in business. They bring this experience to each and every one of our programmes and aren’t just ‘following the manual’. They can answer questions with real examples – there’s little in business they haven’t seen – and can offer real insights to managers participating in our programmes, no matter what ad hoc question is asked.