UK healthcare technology company

Skills Shift was approached by a well-established business to develop the skills of its management teams, enabling the company to address expansion challenges.

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As with many companies which have grown organically, the company’s managers had not had formal management training – they were able to do ‘the job in hand’ but lacked the specific skills and behaviours needed to carry the business forward through exponential growth, including international expansion, large-scale recruitment, changes to business processes and outsourcing.

Skills Shift was initially engaged to facilitate a strategy planning meeting with the leadership and management team – from which it was asked to design a management development programme to help the company achieve its goals and address its challenges.

The aim of the programme was to:

  • build the skills of the management team so that it could support the company’s growth ambitions.
  • establish a baseline for management best practice aligned to a recognised standard.
  • enable managers to lead their teams through change.
  • encourage a culture of improvement.
  • develop a robust collaborative team which can contribute to a unified culture as the company grows internationally.
  • help managers to work better with outsourced companies and contractors.
  • help managers become true leaders of an international business.

Skills Shift successfully designed and delivered the bespoke training programme to the organisation’s management team. Feedback from the CEO and the management team has been excellent, both in terms of the learning and its contribution to helping the organisation achieve its strategy.

Skills Shift has also provided facilitation for a series of change workshops, as the company rolled out a new quality-management system – essential in a sector where regulatory compliance is a key business requirement. Skills Shift continues to support the development of a number of the organisation’s managers through skills coaching, as they move into more senior leadership roles.