What we do

What we do

We create and deliver management training – but not as you know it. Always bespoke, always delivered by experienced business leaders and always targeted at an organisation’s real needs, our training is always different, because each customer is different.

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Management has changed. Training needs to change too.

Management isn’t what it was: organisations have become less hierarchical, but managers need broader skills. Most often, managers have risen to their role by virtue of experience – which is great. Great, that is, until change happens – then, everything they know may be wrong.  

Preparing for change

Handling change is a skill that managers can learn. Helping managers to competently cope with change, whatever it is and whenever it comes, is a core part of our mission. Change is the only certainty in business, yet too many organisations deal with it only when it comes along – which is usually too late. We help managers to confront current changes and prepare them to successfully tackle those of tomorrow.

Developing managers, teams and the business

Enabling managers to more successfully direct teams towards organisational goals, while helping them to build the skills of their teams, is a core part of our programmes. We start with managers, laying the foundations by developing their essential management skills. Building on this, we help managers to coach and manage those within their teams in a structured way. All the while, our training is focused on delivering the skills the business needs to meet its goals.

Building success by design

Too much management training expects essential skills to somehow just ‘trickle down’ without assistance – so it’s not surprising that such benefits are achieved more by chance than by design. Skills Shift takes a more cohesive approach – our learning programmes don’t just upskill managers for the here-and-now, they equip them with the skills needed to drive meaningful improvements right across the business. We work with clients to fully understand their goals, so that we can create training with purpose – training that delivers results.